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Municipal Law Enforcement

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Street scene at night in Alfred


The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet Animal Control Services encourages safe and enjoyable communities for both people and pets.  We promote responsible pet ownership, pet adoption and micro-chipping.  We encourage voluntary compliance with animal-related laws and licensing.



The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet Animal Control Services promotes the health and safety of people, pets and animals living together in our community by:

  • Providing 24-hour emergency response to calls for stray pets requiring immediate medical assistance.
  • Responding to public safety concerns involving an animal or animals jeopardizing  public safety.
  • Picking up stray pets that are lost, returning them to their owners or caring for them at the pound while searching for the owner.
  • Providing the removal of dead wildlife or stray pets (owner unknown), on public property.
  • Enforcing by-law 2007-84 as well as other related bylaws.


  • When reporting an incident or requesting an investigation, please provide as much information as possible to facilitate a thorough and timely response.
  • If the concern relates to animals being kept on privately owned property, providing the address is essential.
  • Every situation is unique and the time needed to gain compliance will vary. In cases where an animal owner does not comply in a reasonable amount of time, our officer will issue notices of violation, written warnings, and may lay charges when there is sufficient evidence.
  • Due to freedom of information issues, each officer is required to make the best effort to ensure that the privacy of individuals is maintained during an investigation. This will often affect the amount of information that can be communicated and the details that can be provided.


  • Alfred and Plantagenet By-Law 2007-84

  • Dog Owner's Liability Act

  • Ontario Regulation 157/05 Pit bull Control


The following are bylaws related to animals and the fines associated with them.

Bylaw 2007-84


Fail to Licence dog (per dog)


Dog at large


Nuisance Barking


More than 3 dogs per household (per dog)


Permit dog to trespass on private property


Permit dog to attack a person


Permit dog to attack a domestic animal



Dog bites should be reported to Township Animal Control Services at 613-673-4797 ext 204 as soon as possible. In the event that the bite victim is transported to the hospital, a bite complaint should be made as soon as possible after treatment is complete.

If a dog bites you and breaks the skin:

  • Seek medical attention (call 911 if serious).
  • Report the bite to Animal Control Officer at 613-673-4797.
  • Try to provide a clear description of dog.
  • Obtain the dog owner's name and address.
  • Write down the date, time and location where the bite occurred.
  • Information about anyone who witnessed the bite.
  • Take a clear photo of the bite injury - document that date and time of the photo.
  • As soon as practical, in your own handwriting, make clear concise notes on what happened and include the date the notes were written.

If a dog bites you and does not break the skin:

Call 613-673-4797 and provide:

  • A clear description of dog.
  • If possible the dog owner's name and address.
  • Date, time and location where the bite occurred.
  • Witness information, if possible.

 If you are the owner of a dog that has bitten:

  • Leash your dog and isolate it from causing further threats.
  • Provide your contact information to the victim.
  • Make clear, concise notes of the incident in your own handwriting.
  • If the person's skin has been broken, isolate your dog until contacted by Public Health.
  • If necessary, consult an expert about your dog's behavior.

What happens next?

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit will:

  • Initiate an animal to human exposure investigation.
  • Contact the person who has been bitten to take a Rabies Exposure Report.
  • Contact the dog owner (if known) and issue an order that the animal (if a domestic pet) be confined for ten days.

Learn more about what you can do if you are bitten by a dog or about the responsibilities of a dog owner under the Dog Owner's Liability Act and Bylaw 2007-84.

Dog Bites: What will the Township do?

The Alfred and Plantagenet Animal Control Services staff will support you by walking you through the process after you've been bitten by a dog. An Animal Control Officer will confirm the bite, request the victim and any witness prepare a written statement detailing the biting incident, request medical documentation describing the bite wound/injury and continue the investigation.

The following are actions that may be taken:

Issue a Notice of Caution:

Where this is the first bite on record, recommend precautions to prevent future biting incidents.

Issue a Notice to Muzzle:

Where the bite is severe, and/or the bite is the second subsequent bite on record.

Under By-law 2007-84, Animal Control Services can issue a notice to muzzle. A Notice to Muzzle requires that the dog be muzzled at all times when off the owner's property. At any time the officer may impose a fine of $250.00 for permitting a dog to attack a person.



Losing your pet is a very traumatic experience. It's important to stay calm so that you can search for your pet and hopefully be reunited. There are a number of steps you should take as soon as your pet goes missing. If your pet is not immediately found, repeat these steps again. 

Don't give up searching for your pet too early!

What to do:



Where to search

Search around your home and neigbourhood, including asking your friends and neighbours if they've seen your pet. 

Who to contact

Contact 613-673-4797 to file a Lost Animal Report. Be prepared to provide a description of your pet, licence number and tattoo or microchip number if applicable.

Lost pet photos

View photos of lost pets online.

Where to go Visit our Pound location in person. Only you can identify your missing pet.

Once your pet has been found

Please notify Alfred and Plantagenet Animal Control Services at 613-673-4797.

If you find a lost pet 

If you find a lost dog whether it is wearing a Township tag or not contact at 613-673-4797. 


The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet By-law 2007-84 section 3.a), requires that all dogs owned in Alfred and Plantagenet be licensed and wearing a tag. By licensing your dog, Animal Control Services will make every effort to reunite you with your pet. That is why every dog is required to bear a valid municipal dog tag for quick and easy identification to ensure that he is reunited with his owner if lost or stray.

Dog owners who fail to obtain a municipal dog tag for their dog are subject to a fine.

Furthermore, you can also contact the Municipal Law Enforcement Service to report your dog as being lost or to simply inquire on adopting a dog. Impounded dogs are subject to impound fees.

We wish to inform you that all stray dogs found by the Township are brought to the municipal pound.

All owners must register their dogs annually with the Township. Forms are available at the Municipal Offices or on our site.

Form - Dog License Application

Fees for dog licences from January 1st to March 31st of every calendar year

a) For each dog (male or female) kept (In person) $20.00 (By mail) $25.00 b) Kennel License (more than three dogs) (In person) $100.00 (By mail) $105.00

Fees for licenses: from April 1st to December 31st of every calendar year.

a) For each dog (male or female) kept (In person) $40.00 (By mail $45.00 b) Kennel License (more than three dogs) (In person) $110.00 (By mail) $115.00

Fees for new residents and/or new dog

Notwithstanding Section 2 a), newcomers and/or new dogs to the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet have 7 days to purchase a valid Township dog tag for a fee of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) or Twnety-Five Dollars ($25.00) by mail.


Guide dogs for disabled persons: Upon proof of a trained working guide dog from a recognized institution, no fee shall apply to the purchase of a dog tag.

Pound Fees:

a) Pick-up and impounding $40.00 b) Daily maintenance $20.00/day c) Disposing $95.00 d) Administration 10% of a) + b) + c) where applicable

Owners must ensure that their dogs do not run at large. Owners are reminded to call the By-law Enforcement Officer at 613-673-4797 as soon as they notice their dog is missing. The law requires that impounded dogs be kept for as little as 72 hours before being disposed of. Persons wishing to adopt a dog should contact the By-law Enforcement Officer at at 613-673-4797.

The municipality's dog catchers' hours are:

(Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

Where to purchase a dog licence in your neighbourhood

Alfred.                   330 St-Philippe, St. (Library)

                            3420 Concession 4 (Landfill site)



Plantagenet.         205 Old Highway 17 (Town Hall)

                            550 Albert, st. (Library)

Curran                  791 Mill st. (Library)

Lefaivre                 1963 Hotel de Ville St.

Village of Wendover : 5000 Centre Street (Library at the Lucien Delorme Community Center)

Download a copy of the  Dog License Application Form here (Fillable format)







Watch for signs.

  1. Do not park in parking spaces reserved for the disabled.
  2. Park back from corners.
  3. Do not park on or obstruct sidewalks.
  4. Park safely at schools.
  5. Err on the side of caution.
  6. Do not park facing the wrong way.
  7. Park more than 3 meters from fire hydrant.


You can pay the fine in person or by mail at the municipal offices located at:

               205 Old Highway 17, Plantagenet, ON, or

              Payment Mthods: Cash, Cheque, Interrac



If you want to simply pay the fine, look to the bottom of the ticket.  You will see two boxes, each with a different amount.

  1. On the bottom right of the ticket is a box entitled - Voluntary payment within 7 days - This is the total amount to paid within 7 days of the date you recieved the ticket .   
  2. On the bottom left of the ticket is a box entitled - Set Fine - You must pay this amount if you are paying after 7 days. You have a maximum of 15 days to pay the fine.


Your second option is to appeal the ticket by checking the Option 2 box at the back of the ticket.

Option 2 - Trial option. Check this box and deliver or mail it to The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet, care of Municipal Law Enforcement Services. The address is:

205 Old Highway 17, Plantagenet, ON, or



The Township Parking By-law (2007-75) summarizes penalty rates. *Fines are subject to modifications; please consult the Municipal Law Enforcement Service for more information.

Failure to pay parking fines will result in your Ontario or Québec vehicle permit not being renewed. The Ministry of the Attorney General will register a plate denial against the owner of the licence plate.  A renewal of the licence plate will not be issued until the fine, all court costs and fees have been paid.

Fines for Parking Infractions can range from $25.00 to $325.00.


 No On Street Parking is permitted between midnight to 07:00a.m. from November 1st  and April 1st.