Renovation, demolition or construction

Anyone wishing to renovate, demolish or build a building on their property must first obtain a building or demolition permit.


The form is available on our website or at the Townhall.

When is a building permit necessary?

Always verify with the Building Department before starting a project.

  • Construction or installation of a detached structure larger than 108 square feet.
  • Construction of any size of addition to an existing building.
  • Construction of a deck, patio, gazebo, stairs or solarium.
  • Installation of a permanent "Tempo" garage.
  • Installation of interlocking stones for stairs to an entrance.
  • Construction of a new dwelling or addition.
  • Transformation of a garage into a dwelling or living quarters.
  • Creation of a new dwelling unit within the same building.
  • Installation of an above ground or in ground pool, spa, hot tubs.
  • Installation of a solid fuel burning appliance/and chimney, outdoor boilers.
  • Modification or installation of new plumbing.
  • Renovation to the building including basement, or alteration of room size.
  • Construction of a farm building, coverall shelter, silo and lagoon.
  • Construction of a greenhouse.
  • Change of use of a building.
  • Demolition of all or part of a building (not farm buildings).
  • Construction of a retaining wall above 1 metre high.
  • Construction of a new foundation for an existing building.
  • Installation of new roof trusses.
  • Replacement of windows when structural modifications are required.
  • Installation of a tent larger than 645 square feet.
  • Installation of solar panels on a building.
  • Installation of water/sewer connections.
  • Installation of a septic system (See also the South Nation Conservation Authority).
  • Installation of wood stoves and fireplaces.

Building permits are not required for the following projects

Projects that do not require a building permit:
  • Detached structure of less than 108 square feet.
  • Installation of an air conditioning unit.
  • Demolition of a farm building.
  • Replacement of asphalt shingles.
  • Replacement of windows of the same size.


The Permit fee is based on the size of the project. Additional fees may include development charges, service connection charges, performance deposits or others. The minimum cost for a permit is $152.

The permit process, step by step

  1. Visit or call your Building Department.
  2. Submit application. Other documents may also be required for your project.
  3. Wait. The review process may take a few days or weeks depending on the project and on the workload.
  4. Receive results of review. If the project is in compliance with building and zoning regulations, a permit will be issued. If denied, you can always make the proper revisions to the application and resubmit.
  5. Receive permit. Once the fees are paid, construction can begin according to revised plans.
  6. Call for inspections. Each building project has to be inspected at different stages. These are indicated on your building permit.

Samples and Information

When is a building Permit Required

Documents Required in Order to Obtain a Building Permit

Sample Plans for Accessory Building

Sample Deck Plans

Obtaining a building permit is being responsible and is required in the Building Code Act, to ensure the safety of the occupant with respect to fire, structural stability and energy efficiency to the minimum standards of the Ontario Building Code. Any work done without obtaining a building permit may result in a work order against the property or even the loss of a sale.