The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet is responding to the Ontario government's guidelines. Follow this link for the province's daily news.

Important links and information from our partners regarding the COVID-19 situation

Mental Health Support Tools

Plantagenet Family Health Team takes mental health very seriously.; that's why they're sharing with you a list of virtual tools to help you take care of your mental health.

Closures of Municipal Premises

The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet is extending the closure to the public of the following municipal premises:

  • Community hall;
  • Municipal offices in Plantagenet;

Municipal staff remain accessible by phone at 613-673-4797.

What's Open in the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet?

Municipal premises that are open:

We are asking that users maintain physical distancing of two metres at all times and to avoid gatherings.

Waste Collection and Recycling

If you are sick, place the objects that have been in contact with your mouth and nose in a waste bag, even if those objects usually go in the blue box.


TAXES: You have three available options to pay your taxes:

  1. In person or online through your financial institution;
  2. By mail. Please label your check to the name of the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet and mail it to 205 Old Highway 17, P.0. Box 350 Plantagenet ON K0B 1L0;
  3. Drop box. You may drop your check-in our drop box outside of our offices situated at 205 Old Highway 17, Plantagenet.

Dog Tags

For applications and renewals of a dog licence, we recommend using our online form with the postal option. Otherwise, please contact us at 613-673-4797 extension 201.

Facility Rental

The renting of facilities is suspended for the moment.

Council Teleconference Meeting

All the Council Meetings of the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet going forward are by electronic participation only until further notice. This is in effect with the Declaration of Emergency declared by the province of Ontario and to prevent public gatherings, and reinforce social distancing regulations.

Agenda documents are posted on our web site on the Friday preceding the meeting.

The Meeting minutes and video are posted on our web site shortly after the meeting.

Questions to Council regarding the Town's activities will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. on the day before the meeting, by email to, or by phone at 613-673-4797. E-mails must contain full-contact details (full name and address).

Until further notice, the Council Meeting is made accessible to the public via Facebook Live on the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet Facebook page.

Mayor's declaration

The Ontario government declared a provincial emergency on March 17 to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the province. I would like to ask each resident of Alfred and Plantagenet Township to remain calm, but vigilant in his or her choices for leaving their home.

The directives issued by the Ontario public health authorities are very clear, it is crucial to practise social isolation in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. If you have to go out, wash your hands before you leave and when you return home.

Last Tuesday, our council took steps to mitigate the financial impact of COVID-19 on our citizens. It has been resolved that the deadlines for the payment of municipal taxes, water taxes, sewer taxes are maintained, but that no interest or penalty will be incurred before June 1, 2020. The minutes of this meeting will be posted on our website where you will also find regular updates on our services and the COVID-19.

I would like to highlight the dedication of all the employees of the township who work hard to ensure continuity in municipal services. Despite our reduced staff, we strive to maintain our safe paths, to monitor the floods in our area… This is why I appeal to your patience and your indulgence if you experience a certain delay in our responses to your many requests.

I would also like to thank many of you who are doing what you can to help seniors and others in our community. Finally, I encourage everyone to support our local businesses as much as possible and to use their delivery and ordering services online or by phone.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Stéphane Sarrazin

Mayor for the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet