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EnvironmentGrenouille dans un étangA frog in a pond

To establish yourself within the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet is to adhere to an eco-friendly lifestyle respectful of the environment and the natural heritage of our region.

You can consult the municipal natural characteristics with the À la carte application developed by the United Counties of Prescott and Russell. The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet, jointly with other neighbouring municipalities collaborated in the development of this interactive tool. With À la carte, you will be able to get a general overview of our natural resources. For example, you could determine the type of soil that underlies your property, the extent of the migratory corridor that crosses our Township as well as other important information relative to the natural heritage of the Municipality.

For further questions on the environment, please write to:

1 to 10,000 Tree Project 

1 to 10,000 Tree Project is an initiative to plant thousands of trees in the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet.

Read the complete public notice

50 Million Tree Program

Forests Ontario is happy to announce that the 50 Million Tree Program (50 MTP) has re-launched!  The program continues to be a full-service program where Forests Ontario and its planting delivery agents will work with you  to complete a site visit, assemble a site plan, perform tree planting and follow up survival assessments in the second and fifth years post-plant. If you are interested in having a minimum of 500 trees planted, please submit your formal application here. 

Weed Control

Local animals and plants rely on a mindful control of weeds and invasive species that could jeopardize our ecosystem. The United Counties of Prescott and Russell employ a Weed Inspector that can inform you about noxious weeds as well as the best way to destroy them. In principle, the United Counties encourage three main methods to control noxious weeds:

a)       Pulling or otherwise removing the plants from the soil;

b)      Cutting the roots or stalks of the plants before the seeds have developed sufficiently to open after cutting;

c)       Cultivating or harrowing the soil in which the plants are growing.

You may consult the United Counties of Prescott and Russell website under the Noxious Weeds section for more information.


Visit the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs website to learn the Noxious Weeds List and tips for getting rid of those noxious weeds.


To remove your Noxious Weeds by a specialist, please contact

Mr. Guy Cayer
Weed Inspector 
Telephone: (613) 715-2196