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AccessibilityPhoto of a glass door with accessibility symbols on it

2015 Annual Municipal Accessibility Plan

Under the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001 (ODA)



205 Old Highway 17, P.O. Box 350, Plantagenet ON   K0B 1L0

Key resource person: Annie Rochefort

Population: 8,084 (source: MPAC)


Municipal Highlights

The municipality of the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet regroups former municipalities of the Township of Alfred, the Township of North Plantagenet, the Village of Alfred and the Village of Plantagenet and represents 7 communities known as: Alfred, Lefaivre, Treadwell, Wendover, Plantagenet, Curran and Pendleton.

The South Nation River runs through the municipality; the Ottawa River borders our terrritory.

Services to the community include: municipal fire service, county emergency service, provincial police service, public works, recreation and libraries.


Commitment with Respect to Accessibility Planning

The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet agrees:

  1. To improve access to premises, installations and services for its personnel and citizens with disabilities on a continuous basis;
  2. To include persons with disabilities in the elaboration and review of its annual accessibility plans; and
  3. To insure quality services to all the members of the community who have disabilities.


Other Organizations Participating in the Plan

Le Phénix


Consultation Activities

Persons and organizations consulted:

  • Le Phénix
  • The community (via newspapers), through Le Phénix
  • Emond Harnden
  • Ministry of Citizenship
  • City of Clarence-Rockland
  • Beyond Ability


Consultation Process

The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet worked with Le Phénix located at 330 St-Philippe Street, Alfred, Ontario K0B 1A0.  Le Phénix is a community development organisation for people with disabilities in Prescott-Russell.

Le Phénix, in cooperation with multiple other organizations working with persons with disabilities, such as the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), Valoris Prescott-Russell and Groupe Action, also collaborated to the public consultation. Le Phénix used various methods to identify obstacles :

  • A letter was sent to certain persons with disabilities to invite them to submit their preoccupations on obstacles to accessibility in the installations and services;  
  • Members of the community were consulted by; and
  • An invitation was made to the community through the media in order to allow persons with disabilities to identify obstacles and provide recommendations.
  • Le Phénix also published an article in the local newspaper inviting people with disabilities to communicate with the municipality or with Le Phénix to express their recommendations for better accessibility.

(other municipalities or organizations)

  • Ministry of Citizenship
  • Meeting held in January 2006
    • Accessibility website
    • Municipalities - obligations
    • Planning Guide
  • Emond Harnden - Breakfast meeting
  • City of Clarence-Rockland - discussion with Thérèse Lefebvre
  • Beyond Ability - Accessibility Awareness Training Presentation



Summary of Information Gathered and Measures Recommended

The list of obstacles identified were compiled in a table entitled "PLAN D'ACCESSIBILITÉ - SOMMAIRE DES INSTALLATIONS". This table lists obstacles identified following a tour of all municipal installations.  All obstacles identified in the list have been addressed and are inspected annually.

The following factors must be examined on an annual basis to identify accessibility barriers which need to be eliminated or prevented, as well as an evaluation of progress accomplished with respect to any barriers identified relating to:

  • Material installations;
  • Site plan;
  • Services provided and execution of programs for staff members;
  • Services provided and execution of programs for the general public;
  • Policies and practices relating to interviews, hiring, promotion and human resources;
  • Technologies;
  • Communication and information infrastructures;
  • Customer service offered to persons with disabilities.


Work Group for the Enforcement of the Plan




Service represented


Telephone / others...


Annie Rochefort


Clerk's office


(613) 673-4797, extension 225


Roch Hébert


Public Works


(613) 673-4797, extension 400


Dominique Lacelle




(613) 679-4938


Ken St-Denis


Parks and recreation


(613) 673-4797, extension 227


Le Phénix


Persons with disabilities


(613) 679-1244

The work group on accessibility must ensure that the plan is updated regularly and that its implementation is checked regularly.


Calendar of Activities

From Summer 2003 to date:

  • Summer 2003: Consultation of people with disabilities within the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet (See "Annex "A").

  • August 2003: Review of the draft plan

  • August 2008: Tour of all recreation facilities to identify priorities with respect to health and public safety of infrastructures for sport, recreation, culture and tourism and to review work required with respect to identified obstacles.

  • August 2009: Review of work completed and work required with respect to identified obstacles.

  • March 2010: Adoption of the Customer Service policy

  • June 2010: Training of employees.

  • August 2010: Work required with respect to identified obstacles was addressed.

  • July 2011: Annual review of obstacles list - no action required.

  • June 2012: Participation in "Implementing the Integrated Accessibility Standards" workshop

  • July 2012: Annual review of obstacles list - no action required.

  • July 2013: Annual review of obstacles list - no action required.

  • December 16, 2013: Adoption of Municipal Policy on Integrated Accessibility Standards

  • July 2014: Annual review of obstacles list - no action required.

  • April-May 2014: Preparation of a draft "multi-year accessibility plan".

  • July 2015: Annual review of obstacles list - no action required.

  • Fall 2015: Update of the Accessibility Plan and posting on website.