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Councillor Ward 1 Suzanne Lafrance

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Mrs. Suzanne Lafrance - Councillor Ward 1


Ms. Suzanne Lafrance


Dear Citizens of Alfred and Plantagenet,

When I ran for the 2018 municipal election, I did it to advance some topics or issues that are important to me: the environment, arts, culture, and heritage, amongst others. Here I am, one year after the election, very satisfied with the steps forward and the developments in those matters. A new Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee was created, with volunteers from our seven communities. They have written the Arts, Culture and Heritage Policy for the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet, which was recently adopted by the Municipal Council, in November 2019. They are now working very hard at planning an artistic, cultural and heritage program that, in the upcoming months, I am sure will please everyone. A new Environment Committee has also been established in 2019, and the members have worked diligently and with passion for the development of a municipal environmental policy, and a draft for a forest cover protection by-law which will be presented to you in 2020. The members of the committee were also involved in addressing and resolving waste management issues. Thanks to their efforts, we are now addressing Climate Change and issues related to the protection of our natural resources in Alfred and Plantagenet.

It is only together that we can find the best ways to develop our “neck of the woods”. Protecting our natural heritage, our forests, our lakes and streams, and our exceptional quality of life, moving forward in the 21st century, in the desired evolution. Encouraging and promoting our artists, stimulating community partnerships, developing new artistic and cultural activities for people of all ages, that’s what I am aiming for in the next three years.... that is what is dear to my heart! Like me, question yourself on what is the best you can bring to Alfred and Plantagenet, for us all and our future generations. Our most beautiful richness is our talented people and our efforts to realize the things that will make us advance together.

As your representative on the council, I need to make choices and compromises, and this is not always easy... especially during budgetary discussions. A balanced budget, which offers services expected by the population without raising taxes... that is a persistent issue! It is important to satisfy as many people as possible, without displeasing others. An increase in taxes will be severely criticized by most while being greeted by a few people who wish high-quality services. Safe and reliable equipment for our employees; recreation services for our youth and older citizens; safe roads; sound planning development; competent and happy employees, who are pleased to serve you.... those are amongst judicious decisions that I have to make with my colleagues on Council. However, I do sincerely believe that the collective strength of our seven communities resides in the union of our forces to consider the differences and needs of all our communities.

Please acknowledge, dear citizens, my kindest regards.

Yours very truly,


Suzanne Lafrance councillor,

Ward 1 township of Alfred and Plantagenet