All owners must register their dogs annually with the Township. The By-law 2023-05 section 3.a, requires that all dogs owned in the Township be licenced and wearing a tag. By licencing your dog, you ensure that Animal Control Services will make every effort to reunite you with your pet if lost.


You can fill out the dog tag application form and return it to the office or email it.

Any change of address or mention of an animal’s death must be reported to the By-law Department.


January 1, to April 30 of every year

Licence fees are due every year

For each dog (male or female): $30

Kennel Licence (more than three dogs): $100

Note that prices are also applicable for new residents and new dog adoptions. If you wish to receive your dog tag(s) by mail, you must add a fee of $5 to your payment. The 5$ mailing fee is lifted while the municipal offices are closed due to the pandemic. 

After May 1, to December 31 (for the current year)

For each dog (male or female): $60

Kennel Licence (more than three dogs): $110

If you wish to receive your dog tag or tags by mail, add a fee of $5 to your payment. The 5$ fee is lifted for the pandemic. 


The property must be properly zoned for this type of use. The zoned category must be confirmed by the Zoning Administrator before the issuance of the licence.

Where to purchase a dog licence:

Consult the library page for hours.

Forms of payment

You can pay for your dog tag fees in the following ways:

  • Cash or cheque at any of the locations listed above.
  • Cash, cheque, or card at the Town Hall*
  • Cash or cheque deposited in the secure box outside the Town Hall.


The ownership of an unlicensed dog is passable of a $105.00 fine. Should you have to appear in court in relation to the current law, the maximum fine may reach $5,000.00.

Guide dogs for disabled people

Upon proof of a trained working guide dog from a recognized institution, no fee shall apply to the purchase of a dog tag.