On a hot sunny day, the municipal pools in Alfred and Plantagenet and the splash pad in Wendover are three perfect spots to cool down.

Please visit our Swimming Lessons page for prices and further information regarding registration for the current year.

Municipal Pools

The municipal pools of Alfred and Plantagenet are closed for the season.

Only 15 bathers are permitted in the pool at a time. A strict protocol has been put in place to ensure the safety of all.

Outdoor rectangular pool with kids playing in it.
Alfred Aqua Park

555 St-Philippe Street, Alfred, ON, K0B 1A0

Phone on site: 613-679-3610

For reservations, click the image above or click here

Plantagenet rectangular municipal pool with kids playing in it
Plantagenet Municipal Pool

570 Albert Street, Plantagenet, ON, K0B 1L0

Phone on site: 613-673-5400

For reservations, click the image above or click here


Pool users will have to reserve their swimming time before coming to the pool, through the Eventbrite online platform. You can register by clicking the images above. To receive assistance with your reservation, please call the on site number of either pool. A lifeguard will assist you through the process.

  • Until further notice, you will only be able to register for up to two one-hour periods per day.
  • The $4 fee (per person) will be payable by debit card or cash once you arrive at the pool. Season passes will also be available on-site;
  • Bring proof of your reservation to show to the lifeguards upon arrival at the pool.

Hours of Operation

Both municipal pools are closed for the season.

Pool Fees

2021 Prices for Residents of the Township

  • Daily swim: $4
  • Family passes: $80
  • Individual passes: $35
  • Group/Day Care passes: $130

2021 Prices for Non-residents of the Township

  • Daily swim: $8
  • Family passes: $140
  • Individual passes: $55
  • Group/Day Care passes: $130

 *Note that taxes are included in the final price

COVID Measures and Changes

 Preventive Measures:

 Here are the important preventive measures you must follow at the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet's municipal pools.

  • Wash your hands and take a shower before entering the water;
  • Practice physical distancing within and outside of the pool;
  • Keep surfaces and objects clean. Do not share your objects except with members of your household;
  • Always walk clockwise around the pool;
  • Spitting, coughing, urinating, and blowing your nose in the pool is forbidden;
  • Snorkels are not allowed and masks that hide the nose are not recommended.

These collective public health measures aim to contain and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus in our community. Anyone who does not apply these measures will be asked to leave the premises. The health and safety of swimmers and lifeguards remains our top priority!


The lifeguards will be sanitizing commonly touched areas between time slots and lessons.

 Important changes related to COVID-19:

  • Stay at home: if you are sick, have symptoms related to COVID-19, have been in contact with someone who is sick, or if your temperature exceeds 37.8 °C or 100 °F;
  • Upon arrival, wait in line at the designated location outside the fences. A lifeguard will welcome you;
  • Changing rooms and toilets will be available upon request only. It is suggested to arrive and leave the pool in a bathing suit, as well as to go to the toilet and shower at home.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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