All by-laws must be approved the the Municipal Council of the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet. If a person wishes, all documents on this page, as well as any previous versions since 2012, are available in print, French and English version. Our staff at the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet are available to discuss a document or to give you a summary. We are committed to being accessible to all.

All terrain vehicles (ATV)

By-law 2012-2, amended By-law 2008-79 authorizing an agreement with the Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicles Club (OFATV) for the use of certain lands and roads for a trail for all-terrain vehicles.

Animal Control and Dog Licensing Fees

By-law 2019-57 on animal control and dog licensing.

Building Permits and Inspections

By-law 2018-53 and by-law 2006-44 (amending by-law including Schedule A)

Clean Yard

Being a by-law to provide for the maintenance of land in a clean and clear condition.

Development Charges

Link to by-law 2019-75


By-law 2017-21 to authorize the use of alternative voting methods for the Municipal Election.

By-law 2017-75 to amend By-law 2017-21 in order to add provisions to hold an advance voting period.

Fire Prevention and Safety—Open-Air Fire

By-law 2010-086 for fire prevention and fire safety by-law.

Garage Sales

Council has adopted by-law 2015-73 for garage sales within the municipality.

Primarily this new by-law adds several new dates upon which garage sales are permitted. Visit the community calendar.

Lottery Licence

By-law 41–97 to prescribe a lottery licensing fee schedule.


By-Law 2007-053.


By-law 2003-41 to prohibit smoking in municipal establishments.

No Trucks

By-Law 2011-73 to prohibit heavy trucks on certain highways.


By-law 2007-75 regulate the placing, stopping, standing or parking within its jurisdiction.


By-law 2010-63 to regulate and control all public parks, recreational facilities and municipal lands in the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet.

Procedure for Notices

By-law 2012-12 establish procedures for notices.

Refreshment Vehicles

By-law 2014-24 for licensing, regulating and governing refreshment vehicles (commonly known as Chipwagons).

Standards for the Maintenance and Occupancy of Property

By-law 47–2001 for prescribing standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property within the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet and prohibiting the use of any property that does not conform to the standards and requiring such properties to be repaired, maintained, or cleared of buildings, structures, debris, or refuse the remove of any notice, sign, or placard placed thereon in accordance with this by-law.

Summer Watering

By-law 2009-39 amended by by-law 2011-58 to regulate water consumption during the summer months for any building that are serviced by municipal water systems.

Swimming pool enclosures

By-law 2005-69 as amended by by-law 2006-53 respecting the enclosure for privately owned outdoor swimming pools.

Tariff of Fees—Planning by-law 2016-95

The updated list of fees for planning matters is contained in by-Law 2016-95.


By-law 2014-42 to regulate temporary structures, commonly known as “Tempo Garages.”

Tendering procedures

By-Law -2014-043

Waste Management

By-law 2009-55 amended by by-law 2020-36


By-law 2010-80 respecting the regulating the use of the facilities at the Municipal Public Wharves.


Zoning By-Law 2009-50.