The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet worked with the consulting group Sierra Planning and Management to develop a Recreation and Culture Master Plan. This document will guide municipal decisions for the development of recreation, parks, trails, leisure and cultural opportunities, resources, services, and facilities in the Township until 2040.

The Plan

Read the 2020 Culture and Recreation Master Plan

Municipal facilities addressed

The Master Plan addresses a broad range of municipal facilities and programming across the Township, specifically evaluation needs and strategies for the following.

Indoor Recreation Facilities

  • Community Halls
  • Libraries
  • Multisport complex/ Dome

Outdoor Recreation Facilities

  • Ball diamonds and Soccer Fields
  • Sports Court
  • Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Marinas and Boat Launches
  • Project Calendar

July 17, 2019: The consulting group Sierra Planning and Management is mandated to produce a Master Plan for Recreation and Culture.

September 25, 2019: Public hearings in Lefaivre and Wendover.

September 26, 2019: Public hearings in Plantagenet and Alfred.

October 2019: Online survey.

November 2019: Online survey.

December 18, 2019: School Survey (École secondaire catholique de Plantagenet)

December 3-19, 2019: Interim Report package including the survey analysis, and appendices with an inventory of existing recreation facilities in the Township, and the open-ended question responses from the survey.

February 4, 2020: First draft of the Culture and Recreation Master Plan

February 24, 2020: Delivery of the Amended draft version and the technical compendium.

May 14, 2020: The consulting group Sierra Planning and Management presents the Master plan publicly at a Special Council Meeting.

May 21, 2020: The plan is available on the Township's website for feedback from residents. (Residents had three weeks starting Thursday, May 21, 2020 to complete the feedback form and provide comments on the recommendations.)

December 2, 2020 : The revised plan is approved by council.