Chief Administrative Officer

As the key advisor to the Mayor and Council, the Chief Administrative Officer oversees all municipal activities.

Together with the Department Heads, he ensures that the municipality's planning strategy is updated and implemented, provides direction and guidance. He sets objectives, establishes policies and ensures that programs are developed and carried out as per council's decisions, and in compliance with applicable laws.

The CAO's office also manages corporate human resources.

Municipal Clerk

The Municipal Clerk's office prepares the agenda for and records the minutes of Council meetings. The clerk`s office issues public notices, and initiates procedures for the enactment of by-laws, manages municipal correspondence, the keeping of municipal archives and documents and process requests for information in compliance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


The Finance Department oversees the sound management of municipal finances by planning and controlling financial activities, supplying expertise and support in accounting, budgetary processes and taxation. The department operates using generally accepted accounting principles, applicable laws, and direction provided by Council.

Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for numerous municipal facilities. Their first priority is public safety in the Township's 291 kilometre road network, sidewalks, shoulders, bridges, culverts and, drainage ditches. The department's winter maintenance program includes salting and sanding, snow plowing and snow removal. All road maintenance programs follow an approved maintenance and repair program as well as meeting set provincial standards.

A second major responsibility is for the performance and/or supervision of improvements or repairs to the municipal water, sanitary and storm sewer networks.


The Planning Department's duty is to ensure compliance with the requirements, the principles, policies and provisions set out in the Planning Act, the Provincial Policy Statement, the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law.

Promoting good land-use planning, harmonious and sustainable development all contribute to improving the quality of life of the residents of the Township.


The Building Department oversees builders' compliance with the requirements and provisions prescribed in the Building Code Act.

For every construction project and/or renovation proposal within township limits, the Building Inspector reviews proposed plans, issues a building permit, conducts regular inspections of the project and upon satisfactory completion, issues an occupancy permit.


The Recreation Department provides planning, management, coordination and control of all the recreational resources and activities associated with the development of sports, cultural and leisure programs geared towards improving the quality of community life in the Township.

Municipal Law Enforcement

In order to best ensure the safety of citizens, Municipal Law Enforcement Officers investigate and enforce all municipal by-laws. Our approach is to inform and educate residents of the by-laws in place within our municipality.


Under the governance of a Board of Directors, the Library Department ensures the selection, acquisition, management and distribution of a wide collection of documents and audio-video products that will meet the information, educational, cultural and leisure needs of residents. To learn more about our libraries' services please visit ….


The mission of the Fire Department is to safeguard lives, property and the environment threatened by a fire, road accidents, hazardous materials incidents and natural or manmade disasters. The Fire Department works to heighten public awareness to the dangers of fire by offering fire prevention and education programs.

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Department operates according to regulations laid out in Ontario's Emergency Preparedness and Civil Protection Act. The department has developed an extensive emergency management program which includes an Emergency Plan, procedures for responding to a municipal emergency, public awareness campaigns and in the event of an emergency, coordinating the activities of the Community Control Group. Please visit our Emergency Preparedness pages.