Permits and applications are sorted by departments. Feel free to contact us with any question. The Township is in the process of transferring PDF forms to online form that would be sent directly to the right department.

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Administration and Clerk

Diaper Grant Program

Download the application form for the Township's 2021 Diaper Grant Program

Access to Information Request

Access and correction request freedom of information and protection of privacy Form.

Mariage Licence 

In Ontario, you must have a marriage licence to legally get married. To obtain a marriage licence, contact any of the following municipal offices:

The Nation municipality

Town of Hawkesbury

City of Clarence-Rockland

Building and Construction

Building permit

Any person wishing to renovate, demolish or construct any building on his/her property must first obtain a building or demolition permit

Pool Enclosure Permit

Pool/Spa enclosure permit application.

Any person wishing to install a pool or a spa on his or her property must first obtain a permit. 

Samples and Information on construction permit

When is a building permit required

Documents required in order to obtain a building permit

Sample plans for accessory building

Sample deck plans

Flyer Inground Swimming Pools

Flyer Above Ground Pools


Complaint Forms

Fill the Complaint Form and drop it at the Town Hall or by email:

Finance, Bill and Taxes

Pre-authorized payments for water and sewer utility bills

Payor authorization for pre-authorized payments (PAP) for water & sewer utility bills—Date Due form (fillable format).

Pre-authorized payments for municipal taxes

Payor's Authorization for Pre-authorized Payments (PAP) for municipal taxes - due date form (fillable format).

Payor's Authorization for Pre-authorized Payments (PAP) for municipal taxes - payable monthly form (fillable format).

Municipal Law Enforcement

Dog Licence

Dog Licence Application Form

The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet requires that all dogs owned in Alfred and Plantagenet be licenced and wearing a tag in accordance with By-law 2007-84 section 3.a)

Burn permit

Applications for burn permits are available online or at the Township Office located at 205 Old Highway 17, Plantagenet.

Burn permits are required for fire larger than one cubic metre.

The permit fee is $50 for a period of 90 days or $150 for a year.

NOTE: Persons setting open air fires or brush fires without a permit (or if the fire burns out of control) will be charged a user fee if the Fire Department responds and/or may be subject to a fine under the Provincial Offences Act.

Food Truck—Refreshment Vehicle Licence

Any person who operates a vehicle from which food and refreshments are sold for human consumption must obtain a licence in accordance with the By-law number 2014-24

Application for refreshment vehicle licence (fillable form).

Garage Sale Permit

As per Amendment 2022-31 to the Garage Sale By-law 2010-95, residents of the Township may hold garage sales without charge during the following periods:

  • In the month of May: Friday evenings (after 5:00 p.m.), Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays of the Victoria Day weekend;
  • In August: Friday evening (after 5:00 p.m.), Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the Civic Holiday weekend;
  • In September: Friday evening (after 5:00 p.m.), Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the Labour Day weekend;

In addition, residents may also hold three (3) additional garage sales after obtaining a permit from the By-law Department for a fee of $15.00 per garage sale.

Hen Coop Construction Permit

Hen Coop Permit must be obtained before constructing a hen coop and run.

Retirement Home Lodging House Licence

You must obtain a lodging house licence before opening a Retirement homes.


Application to Amend the Official Plan, Zoning By-Law Amendments and Minor Variances

 Visit the planning department page for more information.

Public Works

Entrance Permit

Request for entrance permit

The Request for Entrance Permit is to be used to obtain permission from the Public Works Department to construct an entrance to a property from a municipal road.

Road Cut Permit

Application for a Road Cut Permit

A Road Cut Permit is required prior to digging on a Township road. This permit is issued by the Superintendent of Public Works.