The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet has acquired an alert and communication system service, Alertable, with no user fee for its citizens. 

Alertable is an emergency notification system that enables the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet to send alerts to residents, businesses and visitors during critical events such as fires or floods, as well as for community notices such as water advisories, garbage collection interruptions, and more.

Download the FREE Alertable app for iOS and Android smartphones. Sign up for FREE notifications via email, SMS and phone call.

Notifications are fast, reliable, private and easy to hear, see and read. Choose the notification option, or a combination of options that's right for you.

How to Join

All residents of the Township who have a landline are automatically registered. To subscribe to supplementary notifications, or general notices, you need to create an online account or contact us for help.

The citizens who do not have a landline and would like to subscribe to Alertable can also do so online by clicking the button below.

Text: Sign Up Now! (click)