Commitment with Respect to Accessibility Planning

The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet agrees:

  1. To improve access to premises, installations and services for its personnel and citizens with disabilities on a continuous basis;
  2. To include people with disabilities in the elaboration and review of its annual accessibility plans; and
  3. To ensure quality services to all the members of the community who have disabilities.

Annual review 

The work group on accessibility must make sure that the plan is updated regularly and that its implementation is checked regularly.

The following factors must be examined on an annual basis to identify accessibility barriers, which need to be eliminated or prevented:

  • Material installations
  • Site plan
  • Services provided and execution of programs for staff members
  • Services provided and execution of programs for the general public
  • Policies and practices relating to interviews, hiring, promotion and human resources;
  • Technologies
  • Communication and information infrastructure
  • Customer service offered to people with disabilities

Work Group for the Enforcement of the Accessibility Plan

 If you have any question, you can consult members of the work group.


Service represented


Annie Rochefort

Clerk`s office

613-673-4797 extension 225

Roch Hébert

Public Works

613-673-4797 extension 400

Dominique Lacelle



Ken St-Denis

Parks and Recreation

613-673-4797 extension 227

Le Phénix

People with disabilities