Agenda documents are posted on the web site on the Friday preceding the meeting. See our Council Calendar and search for the meeting you would like to know more about. 


Decisions made at a Council meeting are recorded in the form of minutes by the Clerk. These minutes are presented at the next council meeting where they are amended or approved. Once approved by the Council, they become a public document. See our Council Calendar and search for the meeting minutes you want.


Every meeting is recorded since March 2020. The meetings are also broadcasted on Facebook live the day of. See our Council Calendar and search for the meeting you would like to view.

Meeting videos for the year 2020 are listed below. 

 2020 Meetings videos


If a person wishes, all documents related to open council meetings, as well as any previous versions since 2012, are available in print, French and English version. Our staff at the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet are available to discuss a document or to give you a summary. We are committed to being accessible to all.