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Council 2018–2022


  • Yves Laviolette


Ward 1 (Alfred, Lefaivre)

  • René Beaulne
  • Suzanne Lafrance
  • Jean-Pierre Cadieux

Ward 2 (Plantagenet, Treadwell, Wendover, Curran)

  • Chantal Galipeau
  • Antoni Viau
  • Ian Walker

How to reach your councillor

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Yves Laviolette

613-673-4797 extension 241 or 613-306-0110

René Beaulne

613-679-4456 or 613-794-0013

Suzanne Lafrance


Jean-Pierre Cadieux


Chantal Galipeau


Antoni Viau


Ian Walker


Council Remuneration and Allowances

View the Statement of Council Remuneration and Allowances for the year 2020. (Bilingual document)


Regular Meetings

The meetings are held at the Townhall conference room or online at 7:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month.  

Committee of the Whole

Committee of the whole meetings of the Council are held at the Town hall Conference Room or online on the third Tuesday of every even month, except on holidays. On such occasions, the meeting is held on the following day.

Special Meetings

The meetings are called when required, to deal with urgent issues or specific matters. The Head of Council may summon a special meeting at any time or, upon receipt of a petition of the majority of the members of Council, the Clerk shall summon a special meeting for the purpose and at the time indicated in the petition.

Closed Meetings

All Council meetings are open to the public. However, the Council may require a meeting or part of a meeting to be closed to the public. Before holding a meeting or part of a meeting that is to be closed to the public, the Council shall state by resolution the fact of the holding of the closed meeting and the general nature of the matter to be considered at the closed meeting. 

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