The Economic Development Department is there to communicate with business owners, investors, and residents to see how we can work together to make this Township the ideal place to live and visit.

Accessible versions of the documents below are available upon request.

Commercial Development

The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet is well known for its rural setting and its excellent location on  County Road 17 and the Ottawa River. As the population keeps increasing, the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet is the perfect place grows or start a business. For commercial development, our strategies are in line with the OPRO strategic Plan proposed by the Unites Counties of Prescott Russell.

Touristic Development

The township of Alfred and Plantagenet is a beautiful place to visit throughout the year. From ice fishing on the Ottawa or South Nation Rivers in the winter to scenic walks in the Alfred Bog in the summer, you’ll find things to do in all of our 7 small communities. With the help of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, South Nations Conservatory and all the comity, the Township’s goal is to create opportunities for people to visit.

Residential Development

A lot of residential projects are on their way in the Township. As we aim to attract more residents, our goal is also to adapt our facilities to their needs and realities. Therefore, the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet Culture and Recreation Master Plan addresses a broad range of municipal facilities and programming across the Township, specifically evaluation needs and strategies identified in the plan.