Ferme Rêveuse Logo and photo of the Schneider family in the fields under a blue sky with a herd of cows on the right

Are you familiar with Ferme Rêveuse in Curran?  

This company is dedicated to the production of pasture-based dairy, poultry, and egg products. They believe in low-cost production tactics that respect nature and animal behaviour. The result is superior products for their customers. 

The owners, Kornel and Olga, started their business in 1993 with the belief that they could produce healthy and sustainable food unlike anything that has been done before. Today, Ferme Rêveuse is one of the few farms in Ontario with mobile chicken coops in its fields. Their high-quality products are sold in local restaurants, farmer's markets, and can even be delivered straight to your home. 

The owners and their team are not only providing healthy food to the community, they are also involved in agricultural education through farm tours or exchange. Kornel teaches international development and pasture management in Europe, Ukraine since 7 years. The company also provides food baskets to newcomers in the Ottawa region and people in need during the Holidays. 

For more information you can visit their website, or call 613-799-7990 

Meet them Saturday's all year long at: 

Aerial view of the Ferme Rêveuse