Towards a Healthy Environment

In April 2019, the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet established the Advisory Committee on the Environment (ACE), recognizing the essential role of a healthy environment in ensuring a good quality of life and sustainable economic development.

15 volunteer members represent a wide range of experience and perspectives: councillors, entrepreneurs, farmers, researchers, forest engineers, etc. They all share the same enthusiastic commitment to implementing a comprehensive environmental policy for the Township. In subcommittees, members are working on the development of regulations on forest cover management, waste reduction, air and water quality, among other things.

The Committee has an email address ( and a Facebook group ( Members of the public are invited to share their concerns and suggestions with the Committee through these channels and to attend meetings of the Advisory Committee.

The Committee currently has two vacant seats. We are looking for individuals that are passionate about environmental issues, work well in a team environment, and are looking to make a difference within the community. If you would like to apply, please contact us at the email address listed above.

Our Objective

Many provincial or federal initiatives are looking to raise awareness in order to increase each and everyone's responsibility to minimize our negative impact on the environment. Using this framework, the Advisory Committee will become acquainted with the different initiatives, and integrate different studies and expertise in order to advise the Council and develop policies and strategies mandated by the Council.

Our Mandate and Responsibilities

The mandate of the Advisory Committee on the Environment (ACE) is to promote the protection, maintenance, and improvement of the environment within the Township. The Committee's mission is to improve the quality of life of those who live or work in the Township, now and for the future.

 The Advisory Committee on the Environment (ACE) has the responsibility to...
  1. Proceed with the drafting of a detailed environmental policy for the Alfred-Plantagenet Township and to present it to the Council for approval.
  2. Develop by-laws that may influence the environment and present them to the Council for approval.
  3. Identify natural resources at risk and make recommendations to the Council for the drafting of conservation strategies.
  4. Act as a focal point for the distribution of information on the different environmental initiatives (for example: landfill management).
  5. Prepare for the Council's approval of an Action Plan for the upcoming year and report on the current year's activities.
  6. Organize activities that are respectful of the environment as pre-approved by the Council
  7. Create subcommittees that will undertake work on specific issues. These subcommittees will report to ACE.

Environmental Programs

Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program

Through this program, landowners who get their property classified as a "Managed Forest" pay 25% of the municipal tax rate set for residential properties. Consult the program's website for additional information on how it works, eligibility, the application process, and more.

Committee Members

  • President Nathalie Belliveau
  • Councillor Antoni Viau
  • Councillor Ian Walker
  • Member Caroline Goulet
  • Member Éric Leroux
  • Member David Roy
  • Member Chris Kingsley
  • Member Imogen Zanetti
  • Mario Bourdon
  • Township Representative Jonathan Gendron

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