April 4th, 2023 

This statement is an update to the Water Safety Statement issued March 28th, 2023.

Weather Forecast: Environment Canada is forecasting ice accumulation up to 40 mm and rain up to 60 mm across the jurisdiction starting Wednesday morning and continuing into Thursday. Daytime temperatures are forecasted to be above freezing contributing to snow and ice melt.

Environmental Conditions: Water levels and flows are high across the jurisdiction due to precipitation received over the past weekend, combined with snow melt.

Although much of the snow has melted in the southern portions of the jurisdiction, above normal snow amounts still exist in the northern portions of the jurisdiction. Additional precipitation and snowmelt will further increase water levels and flows in rivers, impacting flood-prone or low-lying areas that are historically susceptible to flooding. Unstable ice conditions may also be present in rivers.  

Risks: As snow continues to melt, rivers and streams across the jurisdiction will result in higher water levels, fast flowing water and slippery or unstable banks. Additionally, these conditions elevate the risk for ice breakup and ice jams at bridges, culverts and other areas producing localized flooding concerns in low lying areas.

ACTION: Residents are advised to exercise extreme caution when near rivers and waterbodies due to increasing river flows and slippery conditions. Parents are encouraged to explain these dangers to their children.

Residents in flood prone or low-lying areas, historically susceptible to flooding, should take the necessary precautions to protect their property. Please ensure:

  • Sump pump is clear, in good working condition and has a backwater valve on it.
  • Easy access to portable backup generator and pump.
  • Downspouts are clear and the outlet is at least 3 m from the dwelling.
  • Driveway culverts are clear of debris and drain well.
  • Securing items that might float away as flows increase.

Duration: This flood outlook statement is in effect until April 12, 2023 at 5 PM or until an update has been issued.

SNC monitors the water levels and weather forecasts as part of the Flood Forecasting and Warning Program. Updates are provided as conditions change.

Please visit www.nation.on.ca for more information. To provide feedback with respect to changes in water related conditions please email waterwatch@nation.on.ca, post on our Facebook (/SouthNationConservation) or Twitter (@SouthNationCA).

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Kat Watson, Water Resources Specialist – Monitoring,
1-877-984-2948, kwatson@nation.on.ca.

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