The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet Council adopted its annual budget for 2021 on Tuesday, February 16. The budget of just under $14 million includes the municipality’s capital projects and operational budget.

Here are the highlights of the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet 2021 budget:

Major investments in roads and in the Public Works department:

  • Upgrade of the following roads. ($2,002,897 for Township Roads) Among others:
    • Gravel on Concession 10 in Plantagenet (between County Road 9 and the Ottawa River)        
    • Gravel on Concession 9 in Plantagenet (between Cartier Street and Road 16)
    • Gravel on Rang Saint-Jean and Concession 7 at Alfred (between Ritchance Road and Peat Moss Road)
    • Asphalt paving on West Principale Street (between 3373 and Division Road in Wendover)
    • Asphalt paving on Jessup’s Falls Road in Plantagenet
    • Asphalt paving on Parent Street in Plantagenet
    • Asphalt paving on Pitch-Off Road in Plantagenet     
    • Guardrail on the bridge of Concession 2 in Lefaivre
    • Sidewalks in the village of Plantagenet
    • Culvert replacement in several locations in the Township
    • Dome for sand storage in Lefaivre ($200,000)
    • Miscellaneous equipment ($470,000)


  • Walking trail in the Alfred Forest ($15,000)
  • Roofing at the Lefaivre Community Hall ($18,000)
  • Phase 1 of a BMX Park in Wendover ($10,000)
  • Volleyball Court in Wendover ($10,000)
  • Lights in the walking trail in Wendover ($18,000)
  • Asphalt paving at the Lucien Delorme Community hall ($90,000)
  • Repair of the boat launch in Lefaivre ($8,295)
  • Repair of the boat launch in Wendover ($10,000)
  • Feasibility study for the Waterfront Park in Lefaivre ($25,000)


  • Implementation of an Electronic Document and Records Management System ($147,552)
  • Council strategic plan 2021–2023 ($15,000)

Plantagenet sewer system:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment required to increase the treatment capacity of the sanitary sewer system of the Village of Plantagenet ($250,000)

The following grants are maintained:

  • Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund ($296,569)
  • Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund ($1, 400, 600)
  • Federal Gas Tax Fund ($307,003)
  • Prescott and Russell United Counties Grant for roads ($251,924)

The property tax rate increased by 2% in 2021. That represents $13 for every $100,000 of current Value Assessment of a Residential Property

“Like the year 2020, 2021 will be a difficult year to predict on several fronts. However, each department was able to demonstrate in its budget requests that our services to the residents of the Township were not going to be affected. Projects that have been discussed for a long time have been prioritized and new projects will allow us to offer you more efficient services. ” Said Mayor Stéphane Sarrazin. “I’m very pleased with this year’s budget.”

You can view the complete 2021 budget on our Budget and Finance page. 


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