Public Consultation Notice: Natural Hazard Map Updates along the Ottawa River in Clarence-Rockland and Alfred-Plantagenet

South Nation Conservation (SNC) will be hosting a public information session for residents to learn more about new floodplain and erosion hazard maps for areas along the Ottawa River in Clarence-Rockland and Alfred-Plantagenet. A copy of the draft map is enclosed. To view the interactive property map, please visit

Lucien-Delorme Community Centre
5000 rue du Centre Wendover, Ontario K0A 3K0
Wednesday, March 29th, 2023
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Natural hazard maps are used by municipalities and SNC when updating official plans and zoning schedules, and in reviewing development applications to protect people and property from natural hazards and guide sustainable development activities.

Development projects within natural hazard areas (like floodplains) require permission from the Conservation Authority before proceeding. SNC updates natural hazard maps on behalf of its partner municipalities.

Following the information session, residents who wish to learn more can schedule an online meeting with SNC staff, or in-person (by appointment) at SNC’s office in Finch, Ontario. Meetings may be scheduled on weekdays and evenings between April 3rd and April 14th . 

For more information

Jason Symington
Water Resources Specialist - Engineering
South Nation Conservation | 1-877-984-2948