Budget 2022: Road Upgrades and Community Infrastructure

On December 21st, the Council of the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet adopted its budget for the year 2022. The budget, which amounts to just over $15 million, includes a 2.5% increase in property taxes, which translates into an average increase of approximately $33.86 per residence in 2022. It is important to note that the budget also includes an investment of more than $4 million for 38 capital projects in 2022, including the rehabilitation of 11 roads.

Here are the highlights of the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet 2022 budget:

Major investments in roads and in the Public Works department ($2,855,070):

  • Upgrade of the following eleven roads:
    • Asphalt paving on Concession 10 (westwards from County Road 19);
    • Asphalt paving on Concession 7 in Alfred (from Station Road to the gravel section);
    • Asphalt paving on Concession 9 in Plantagenet (between County Road 19 and County Road 2);
    • Asphalt paving on Concession 3 in Alfred (between County Road 15 and Bolt Road)
    • Asphalt paving on Concession 6 in Plantagenet (between County Road 19 and Sarrazin Road);
    • Asphalt paving on Concession 2 in Lefaivre (between Ouellette Road and Bolt Road);
    • Asphalt paving on Concession 2 in Lefaivre (between Bolt Road and County Road 15);
    • Gravel on Concession 10 in Plantagenet (between County Road 9 and the Ottawa River);
    • Gravel on Concession 9 in Plantagenet (between Cartier Street and Road 16);
    • Gravel on Rang Saint-Jean and Concession 7 at Alfred (between Ritchance Road and Peat Moss Road);
    • Gravel on Division Road (between County Road 17 and Concession 2)
    • Guardrail on West Principale in Wendover;
    • Guardrail on Concession 2 Bridge in Lefaivre;
    • Guardrail on Concession 9 in Curran;
    • Sidewalks in the village of Plantagenet (Water, Concession, and Main Streets);
    • Sidewalks in the village of Alfred (St-Paul and St-John Streets);
    • Repairing of the pedestrian bridge in Chesser Park in Plantagenet.
  • Acquisition of a Dump Truck ($300,000)

Parks and Recreation:

  • Addition of trash and recycling bins in the municipal parks ($25,000)
  • Walking trail in the Larocque Woods in Alfred ($25,000)
  • Resurfacing of the municipal pool in Alfred ($17,000)
  • New features for the Alfred Skatepark ($184,900)
  • Development of the Riverfront Park in Lefaivre ($42,000)
  • Replacing the heating and cooling unit at the Lefaivre Community Hall ($25,000)
  • Adding a parking lot to the Baseball Field in Plantagenet ($30,000)
  • Development of Phase 1 for the Bike Park in Wendover ($80,000)
  • Adding a shelter by the skating rink in Wendover ($50,000)
  • Lights for the dog park and Bike Park ($10,000)
  • Fencing and nets for the Denis St-Pierre Park sports installations ($25,000)

Strategic studies:

  • Potable Water System Master Plan for Lefaivre, Alfred and Plantagenet ($80,000);
  • Stormwater Management System Servicing Needs Study for Alfred ($70,000).


  • Acquisition of a new pumper truck chassis for replacement in 2023 ($142,000).

The following grants are maintained/increased:

  • Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund ($589,898)
  • Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund ($1,446,700)
  • Canada Community-Building Fund ($307,003)
  • Prescott and Russell United Counties Grant for roads ($251,924)

"I would like to thank the members of Council and the administration for having listened to the citizens during the development of the 2022 budget priorities. A modest but necessary increase in property taxes will allow us to maintain and even improve certain municipal services for our citizens in 2022," said Mayor Stéphane Sarrazin. "Overall, I am very pleased with the 2022 budget," added Mayor Sarrazin.



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