Update Regarding the Outdoor Municipal Spaces Open During the Stay-at-Home Order

Following the Provincial closure of parks and outdoor spaces, below is an updated list of what is open during the current Stay-at-Home Order.

What remains open?

All outdoor sport and recreational amenities will remain closed with the following exceptions:

  1. Off-leash dog parks will remain open, but you must maintain physical distancing if you are not from the same household.
  2. Playgrounds and play structures will remain may open, but you must maintain physical distancing if you are not from the same household.
  3. Parks or recreational areas will remain open only for allowing you to walk through the park or area or to enjoy the green space. Gathering with people outside of your household is prohibited.
  4. You can use park benches, but you cannot use picnic areas or picnic tables in parks and recreational areas.

You cannot use marinas for recreational boating purposes but you can use them for the following reasons

  1. Repairing or servicing boats or another watercraft.
  2. Placing boats or other watercraft in the water to secure them to a dock until the marina is open to the public.

  3. Any other services that may be required to:

  • Enable individuals to access their place of residence or their other property;
  • Support government operations or services;
  • Support the transportation of items by commercial barges.

Please note that public boat launches also remain closed until further notice.

We would like you to cooperate with us on this matter and comply with the Province’s stay-at-home orders.

As a reminder, anyone who contravenes an order made under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act is liable to a fine of $750 under the Provincial Offences Act.