You've lost your dog, you've found a dog or you just want to learn more about our pound. You're at the right place.

Lost Dog

There are a number of steps you should take as soon as your pet goes missing. If your pet is not immediately found, repeat these steps.

What to do?

Search around your home and neighbourhood, including asking your friends and neighbours if they've seen your pet.

Whom to contact?

Contact the by-law reception at 613-673-4797 extension 3 to file a Lost Animal Report. Be prepared to provide a description of your pet, licence number or microchip number if applicable. The department will notify you if your description matches the one from a dog from the pound.

Once your pet has been found

Please notify the by-law reception and animal control services.

If you find a lost pet

If you find a lost dog whether it is wearing a Township tag or not, contact t contact the by-law reception at 613-673-4797 extension 3.

Municipal pound and Fees

All stray dogs found by the Township are brought to the municipal pound. Impounded dogs are subject to impound fees.


Pick-up and impounding


Daily Care

$20 per day



Administration fees (where applicable)


Owners must ensure that their dogs do not run at large. The provincial law requires that municipalities keep impounded dogs for a minimum of 72 hours before proceeding to the adoption process by a rescue. Unfortunately, it is not possible to adopt a dog directly from the municipal pound.